Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm Back....

I am back after a summer hiatus...from dating. And folks, I have to say that it wasn't that bad. I spent the summer in the car driving my children back and forth to their respective camps, to their activities, to their friend's homes and to the mall or movies. My car, who is now named Blue Belle, and I become the best of friends as she listened to all of my complaints, secrets and desires without any judgment or response. Okay, I admit that every now and then she wheezed a bit and squeaked her brakes.

Now as the fall approaches and the leaves turn shades of gold and red, I realize that I am ready to get back on the proverbial horse and try to ride again. I am, and I know it, lonely for someone to love and for someone to love me. Facebook has become my Saturday night date which truly indicates that my life is in an utter hole...of course, it is the only way that my children and I communicate. Now Facebook has been good to me as of late; I've reconnected with my best friend from college who I have missed desperately and who now lives in Argentina. I've found friends from high school who I have not seen in almost 30 years and we've begun to chat again, albeit via the anonymous Internet application. I keep hoping that maybe my Prince will find me on Facebook and swoop me away to some land of golden honey and plenty (a land where the economy is not in dire straits and hope is nearly lost).

So readers, get ready to join me yet again on this crazy ride. Fasten your seatbelts!


Cameron Sharpe said...

Life is unpredictable and we never know when and were we will meet our single one and how your meeting will happen. Maybe, you will realize that you study or work with this person for a long time and then suddenly fall in love or maybe, you will go through the streets and meet a girl who will become your true angel. One never knows. So, it is silly to reject a possibility to fall in love suddenly, without any reasons or preconditions.

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